Peisaj de munte

For the past 20 years, Milkcom has been celebrating and promoting the simple pleasures of life and a healthy lifestyle. At Milkcom we don’t do things halfway, not when it comes to life nor to our products. We are proud of what we do and we believe in our products, because of their strong authentic taste and the constant quality.

We believe in being yourself, and we also believe in being authentic and human. We take those beliefs in our dairy, so our products are how they should be: simple, delicious and without anything extra to spoil them.

We believe that the best milk is the natural one, obtained from free cows, that walk freely on the pastures of Întorsura Buzăului. Fresh air, long pastures, ideal altitude and soil create a rich flora, unique in Romania. This makes the milk here to be really nurturing and tasty. We support the local community and the local community supports us. We only work with local farms, some having been in the family for multiple generations. 

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