MILKCOM products are certified by European accredited bodies.


Because our cows are living freely on Intorsura Buzaului pastures, we received the "Produs Montan" certification in 2019.


Every batch of products from Milkcom is inspected, analyzed and tested by ECOCERT S.R.L in accordance with EC 834/2007 și EC 889/2008. Our milk is provided by ecologic certified manufacturers from the area which raise their cows in clean spaces where pollution its at a minimal level.

International Featured Standards

We have implemented and accredited the IFS standard - International Featured Standards - which certifies that MILKCOM respects the international standards for food safety.

The production process inside MILKCOM

The technology halls are equipped with air treatment and conditioning installations which permanently control the temperature, quality and humidity of the air, so there is no risk of contamination of the products. The company has acquired new technologies needed to make cheese. Those significantly increased the quality of the products and the production capacity at the same time.

Milk pasteurizer
Pasteurization temperature monitor
Milk spinner
Adding lactic cultures
Adding curd
Curd processing
Curd gathering
Tracing shapes
Pressing Forms
Quality check
Aging Deposit
Aging Deposit
Tilsit Cheese (aged 1 month)
Tilsit Cheese (aged 1 month)
Cheese processing
Cheese forming
Depositing for Cheese aging
Depositing for Cheese aging